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"It's much more than just books."


Will you uncover the secrets in The House of Poseidon?

You will join Mary Olsen on her adventure when she, all of a sudden, needs to go to a boarding school called: "The House of Poseidon."

She doesn't want to go there, but she doesn't have a choice, her parents just dumped her in front of the house and they then go away, leaving her all alone, they even block her on their phones.

When she first arrived there, everything seemed pretty normal, most of the others are very nice to her.

She only thought that the owner and the intern were a little bit strange at times.

But when she gets a school project on Greek mythology, everything changes.

Because The House of Poseidon is filled with things from Greek mythology, she does her research there, but she and her group find a secret behind the bookshelves, a secret that only keeps getting bigger and bigger.

They have to solve riddles and do quests, but they are not the only ones that want the secret treasure of the house, because a dangerous group wants it too.

Will you join Mary and her friends while they uncover the secrets?

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'The House of Poseidon.'

Written by Dylan Reneerkens.

Published on September 9th, 2021.